Sign Up for the ADE4 Beta

  • Sumo

Adobe has announced it is working on a new version of the Adobe Digital Editions app. The big news is that they are now working hard to support EPUB3 in the latest version (and fixing bugs in the previous EPUB2 rendering system). They are asking for beta testers to run the app through its paces.

In order to get into the beta, email with your request.

If you’ve ever tried to create a beautifully designed book in ADE, you know how important this is. I’ve been on the beta for about a week now and the Adobe team has been very responsive about feedback. It’s an excellent sign of things to come.

One Response to “Sign Up for the ADE4 Beta”

  1. Rob Siders says:

    I’m in the beta program, too. I’ve felt that ADE is terrible and have for some time. The improvements are nice and encouraging sign.

    It’s worth mentioning that the software seems to be Mac-only now. If there is a Windows version, I’ve not found it yet.