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Do you have a tip, technique, script, or a good way to explain an issue in making ebooks? We want to hear from you! EPUB Secrets is a community resource, and the entire community relies on you sharing your ideas.

We’re looking for articles of interest to the ebook production community. Here’s how it works:

  • Length: We welcome short articles with tips and techniques for any level of ebook producer.  The length should be 200 to 1000 words, and the more illustrations the better. A longer article is fine too, though you may want to break it up into multiple parts.
  • Has it been done? Please do a thorough search of the EPUB Secrets site before you write your article. If you aren’t sure, you can email us with your idea before you write it up.
  • Submissions: You can send your article as a .txt, .rtf, .html, or Word document to laura@bradytypesetting.com. Please put “Write for Us” in the subject line. If your article has images, please zip compress the files into a single archive.
  • Editing: By submitting an article, you agree that we can edit it before publishing it.
  • Sharing: When you share your article with us, you’re agreeing that we can share it with the world on the site. We will send you  a short contributor agreement that we’ll need signed before we publish your work. We do not guarantee that we’ll publish your work.
  • Bio:  Please include a one or two-sentence bio for yourself that we’ll include in your article. It can include a link to your email, blog, or website, too.

After you write a couple of articles that we publish, if you want to become a regular contributor, we’ll set you up with an account on our system so you can contribute more easily.

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