Better InDesign->EPUB Stylesheets Through Scripting

  • Sumo

You’ve made a perfect InDesign file. Your paragraph and character styles are perfectly described. Now it’s time to turn it into an EPUB file. One Little Problem:

Screenshot 2014-07-02 22.43.00

See those style names? Those aren’t going to convert too well to HTML classes. There’s now a script to help you clean this up.

HTML classes (what styles are converted to in InDesign’s export process) can’t contain spaces, diacritics, or other special characters (like # and .). Peter Kahrel has written a great little script to fix this issue. (Peter wrote this script as a part of PePCon’s People’s Choice Script-Off—two other great scripts were also created and all three are available for download here.)

If you’ve never installed or run a script before, I highly recommend this InDesignSecrets’ post.

You can download Peter Kahrel’s Rename Styles script here along with additional information from Peter. To run it, just double-click the script in the Scripts dialog box. When you get the alert box, Click Yes. That’s it.

Look at my beautiful styles now:

Screenshot 2014-07-02 22.43.07

3 Responses to “Better InDesign->EPUB Stylesheets Through Scripting”

  1. […] Don’t use spaces or odd characters in file names or style names. Stick to letters, numbers, and underscores. This script will rename styles for you. (Learn More about this script in our EPUBSecrets post.) […]

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