More ePUB Resources from Day 2 of TOC 2012

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O’Reilly’s Tools of Change for Publishing 2012 continues through Wednesday, February 15. O’Reilly will continue to offer a live streaming video feed and also have recorded videos available for viewing. O’Reilly has also made presenters’ slide decks and videos of their presentations available. There are a number of presentations you will want to take a look at if you are working with ePUBs.


How to Shoot, Edit, and Embed Video On Your Website or Ebook

With the additional support of video in ePUB3, we can expect that more publishers will consider including video in eBooks. Brian Felsen of CD Baby, BookBaby, and HostBaby presents this introduction to shooting, editing, and embedding video in eBooks. All eBook creators are going to need some understanding of videos and how to edit and edit them. This is a good overview of what you need to know.


HTML5 for Publishers

With the adoption of HTML5 as part of the ePUB 3.o spec, it is going to be important for everyone creating ePUBs to have a good understanding. In this session, Sanders Kleinfeld of O’Reilly Media, Inc., author of HTML5 for Publishers (the eBook is still free from O’Reilly Media), gives an overview of HTML5 and shows how to apply it. His PowerPoint slides can be downloaded here.

InDesign to EPUB: The Basics and Beyond

Anne-Marie Concepcion of Seneca Design & Training, Inc., gives a great walk through of her InDesign to ePUB workflow in this presentation. In particular, she gives hints on creating fixed layout ePUBs and provides links to lots of scripts you can use to make the process easier. You can download the PDF of her presentation here. Here are the scripts she includes:

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„ Tomaxi:
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„ Bruno Herfst’s Toolbox:

EPUB Scripts

Compiled by Anne-Marie Concepcion
February 2012
If you find any of these useful, please donate shareware fees to the developer!


Mac OS: Unzip/Zip EPUB; Applescripts (Mac only)
Cracks open EPUBs and creates valid EPUBs from an EPUB folder

Mac OS: ePUBCheck Applescript (Mac only)
Drag-and-drop validation (EPUB 2.1)



InDesign: Apply Nested Styles
Hard-applies character styles, necessary for CS4/5 only

InDesign: PrepText
Converts manual-styled bolds, italics, etc. to character styles

InDesign: Perfect PrepText (for already-styled text)
Creates/applies character styles only to locally formatted (not styled) text

InDesign: ApplyALTfromXMP (CS5.5 only)
Applies an ALT tag to every image from its XMP (metadata)

InDesign: Show/Hide Local Formatting
Local formatting indicated by red strike-through or bar at left

InDesign: Show No Break
Highlights text (via Condidtional Text) to which the No Break formatting has been applied

InDesign: AM’s Find/ChangeByList for EPUBs
Two examples of editing InDesign’s script for EPUB use

InDesign: MergeTextFrames
Merges a selection of text frames into one (useful for proofing/applying paragraph spacing)



InDesign: Extract Pages (CS3/4 only)
Creates multiple INDD files from a single multi-page layout

InDesign: Make it Run (CS5.5 only)
Allow many older scripts, such as Extract Pages (above), to work in CS5.5

InDesign: CSS Geometry
Creates a text frame on the pasteboard with CSS positioning and IDs for all text frames

InDesign: Text to New Layer
Moves all text frames to a new layer it creates so you can hide the text

InDesign: Link Rename
Let’s you rename linked images inside InDesign (scroll down on web page)


Indexing in eBooks and eContent—Adding Value

Whether to include a fully linked index in an eBook can be a difficult question for any publisher, especially when it often takes a great deal of manual work to make it function properly. In this session Jan Wright of Wright Information reviews how search works in eBooks and why a combination of search + indexing provides readers with the best opportunity to find content they want to read. The PowerPoint from the presentation can be downloaded here.

Renovating Print Assets for Digital Publishing

This session on converting legacy content to digital products by Michael Rankin, a contributor to InDesignSecrets, offered many tips and tricks for handling content that was originally published as print only. Rankin presents a 21-step approach to moving content from print to ePUB and Mobi using InDesign as the chief tool. The steps include: collect and evaluate assets; standardize assets; rename assets; clean-up text; apply styling; structure content; create a navigational TOC; create new covers; add metadata; export tags for styles; ePUB export options; and validation. A PDF of this presentation can be downloaded here. Check the end of the presentation for discount codes to PePcon in San Francisco and InDesignSecrets Live! NYC.

EPUB in the Wild

I was not the only person disappointed that Liz Castro’s EPUB in the Wild did not live stream as scheduled yesterday. Hopefully a video will be available shortly with the slide deck.


Mini TOCs Coming Soon!

Finally, O’Reilly is bringing TOC to other parts of the country with their newly announced Mini TOCs. As reported in the TOC Newsletter:

While we’re eagerly preparing for our large Tools of Change for Publishing (TOC) conference coming up in New York City this February, we’re also focused on smaller things. To wit: Our mini TOCs. Mini TOCs are one-day conferences that examine modern-day publishing from a variety of aspects. In the U.S., we’ve firmed up dates for miniTOC conferences in Austin, Texas (March 9), and Chicago, Illinois (April 9). And the not-so-mini TOC Bologna is slated for Italy on March 18 in conjunction with the Children’s Book Fair, which theme will inform that day’s discussion. We’ll be certain to keep you updated as we are.

I know that I will be attending the Mini TOC in Chicago. How about you? What was the most valuable piece of information you have discovered at TOC 2012?

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