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After a couple of weeks without a roundup, we have an abundance of reading,  ideas, tools, and conference news. Let’s get to it!

ebook Frontmatter, Including Page List

Joshua Tallent continues his series on best practices for formatting frontmatter. His post includes a link to a sample file that you can download and examine.

And, because it’s been a couple of weeks since the last Link Roundup, Joshua has just published the next in his Digital Book World series on frontmatter, this time addressing Tables of Contents, including Page List.

And more: Laura Brady this week published a piece here on about two new scripts for creating Page List within InDesign.

Digital Font Design

Some fonts designed for print are not legible on e-reader screens at tiny sizes. Here’s why font design for print and screen is like the difference between FM and AM radio.

Sigil Updated

Sigil continues fixing bugs and improving stability on its way to Version 1. Read about it here.

A Case for XML

Arguments for an XML-based workflow, including mention of EduPub, which is including ever-richer content.

New Release: InDesign CC 2015.2

Mike Rankin, editor-in-chief of InDesign Magazine and, runs down the features in this new release from Adobe.

Best ebook Readers?

Nate Hoffelder, proprietor of The Digital Reader, spends some time testing and evaluating the top-line devices available right now.

Putting an E-Reader in Every Child’s Hand

That’s the mission in Kenya. As Publishing Perspectives reports, many libraries in Kenya are making reading available in digital format first.

The Future of Publishing

Hachette CEO Michael Pietsch on changes in publishing. With the rise of new digital formats, has the industry moved irrevocably from its foundation? After all, “Books were portable the day they were invented.” 

Self-published Author Does Well

Booklife, from Publishers Weekly, reports great reviews for an independently published title.

Conference News

BookNet Canada has just announced some speakers and workshop leaders for ebookcraft on March 30, 2016. Among the bases covered: digital production in children’s publishing; big-house insight from the digital managing editor of Trade and Reference (think cookbooks) at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; a digital publishing pioneer; and workshops in typography, workflow, and best practices. Check it out here. 


Joshua Tallent, frontmatter formatting:

Joshua Tallent, Tables Contents, Page List:

Sigil updated:

A Case for XML:

Indesign CC2015.2 new features:

Best ebook Readers:

Putting an E-Reader in Every Child’s Hand: http://Putting an E-Reader in Every Child’s Hand

The Future of Publishing:

Self-Published Author:

Conference News:

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