Kindle Publishing Guidelines: Updated

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Amazon has just released a new edition of their Kindle publishing guidelines, version 2015.3.

Page 2 of the Guidelines contains a revision history. Briefly,

  • there’s news about using KindleGen to create your mobi file;
  • some updates to image guidelines, an area that’s changing rapidly;
  • bi-directional footnotes are now possible;
  • there’s information about testing Kindle books (always test ebooks for Kindle — and every platform — on devices, not just in previewers or simulators).

Here’s a link:

The Publishing Guidelines are easily accessed: I download them from within Kindle Previewer (after checking that I have the most recent version of Previewer). This way I’m assured of having the most up-to-date information.

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2 Responses to “Kindle Publishing Guidelines: Updated”

  1. Rob Siders says:

    Bi-directional footnotes have been possible for a long time… years, actually. Not sure why it’s not been in the spec until now.

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