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#eprdctn hour: An open roundtable

There was no set topic this week, so almost anything and everything about ebooks was discussed.

 Harry Potter: Another edition

Pottermore has released new, iBooks-Author created versions of the series (available only on iBooks, naturally). They have some annotations from J.K. Rowling and some animations scattered around. I bought one volume; it crashed iBooks twice when scrolling through.

The animations were fun, but limited. Also, as a sad example of a lack of attention to detail, paragraphs are indented and there’s a line space between each paragraph. Why?


Updated from Pagina: EPUB-Checker 2, including epubcheck 4

This handy EPUB validation tool is ready to download here:

New Nook!

From Samsung. Digital Reader runs down some specs. I wonder how it renders an ebook.

Adobe MAX

Here are several links with videos, news, and analysis of this week’s extravaganza in Los Angeles:


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