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PePcon 2016

PePcon — The Print + ePublishing Conference — will be in San Diego from June 5–8, 2016. From now until December, you can sign up and save $200. Use code BFRI.

#eprdctn hour

This past Wednesday saw a Dumb Question Amnesty hour at 11 AM. There wasn’t a dumb question to be found, but plenty of smart conversation. 

Footnotes and endnotes in ebooks

Joshua Tallent has a new post, all about including footnotes. Code, markup, superscript, semantics, are all discussed. Click here.

Kobo turns 6!

Happy birthday to Kobo. Nate Hoffelder reflects on its life so far.

The science of reading in print or e

Here’s some science (and nostalgia) that explores the benefits of print vs eb0ok reading. Read it here.

Does digital reading encourage diglossia?

What’s diglossia? In brief, it describes two distinct versions of a language. Is digital publishing leading to a break between traditional and digital grammar? An interesting read from The New Yorker.


DBW, New York, March 7-9, 2016: Launch Kids and DBW workshops announced.

ebookcraft, Toronto, March 30-31, 2016:

PePcon, San Diego, June 5–8, 2016:

The iBooks Author Conference, Nashville, Oct. 5–8, features an impressive lineup of speakers that includes Tina Henderson and Erica Gamet:!programming/c1zm6



#eprdctn hour:

Footnotes in ebooks:

Kobo Turns 6:

Reading in print or e:

Does digital reading:


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  1. Bradley says:

    Kevin – thanks for the shout-out for the iBooks Author Conference! Greatly appreciated. We’re equally as excited about having Tina and Erica both present as well and further exploring the myriad ways iBooks Author is being used to create compelling digital content. Thanks – Bradley