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Professional development for #eprdctn developers

This week’s #eprdctn hour was all about what we read, where we go for advice, how we cope.

And don’t forget: you can suggest a topic for an upcoming #eprdctn hour, or offer to host one yourself. Click here and sign up.

Updates for Kobo, Kindle Apps . . .

. . . for your iOS devices. Keep your QA current.

The ebook is dead . . .

. . . or not. Great article, touching on many topics.

And, after reading the above note about updated Kobo and Kindle apps for iOS, one item jumped out at me involving EPUB QA: 32% of (British) Kobo users read on apps instead of Kobo devices. So ebook developers need to do QA on apps on iOS and Android apps, as well as devices, to make sure your readers are seeing what you want them to. Read it here.

Nurturing the relationship . . .

. . . between print and digital.  “Publishers can now consider the intertwined digital and ‘real’ worlds from the very beginning of a project.” Some hopeful words here.


DBW, New York, March 7-9, 2016: Launch Kids and DBW workshops announced.

ebookcraft, Toronto, March 30-31, 2016:

PePcon, San Diego, June 5–8, 2016:


Professional development:

Updates for Kobo, Kindle:

The ebook is dead:

Nurturing the relationship:

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