Is Sigil Back???

  • Sumo

Last we heard, Sigil was dead, then wasn’t, then was open sourced, and then it went pretty quiet. Then, over the weekend, Sigil got a big maintenance release update. And yesterday it got another release version to fix a bug. So it appears Sigil may be back on track again.

You can download Sigil from its Github page.

So: any of you back using Sigil? Did any of you choose to not leave it?

3 Responses to “Is Sigil Back???”

  1. The problem is that Sigil is still not EPUB 3 aware. It’s stuck back in EPUB 2 land. Even the built-in validity checker relies on the FlightCrew utility which hasn’t been updated since 2011.

    Also, if you forget to disable Sigil’s default behavior to “automatically clean and format HTML source code” upon Opening or Saving an EPUB (it’s in Preferences > Clean Source), then it rearranges things in the OEBPS and often screws things up, especially EPUB 3 ebooks. (For example, it makes a subfolder called Text, and puts the toc.xhtml in there.)

    It’s too bad. I like lots of other things about Sigil, but not supporting EPUB 3 has rendered it useless for me for a few years now.

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  3. Chloe says:

    I never left! But I haven’t installed this update yet. It continues to be a great tool if you are producing EPUB 2 (not EPUB 3, as Anne-Marie C. noted above), so long as you validate internally and then again with EpubCheck/IDPF’s online validator (, then manually fix any validation errors. Valuable program!