InDesign -> EPUB: Edit All Your Export Tags at Once

  • Sumo

If you spend a lot of time double-clicking Paragraph Styles and looking at this page

Screenshot 2014-06-17 12.45.30

you’ll find this tip quite helpful.

To edit your Export Tagging settings for every Paragraph and Character Style all at once, do the following:

  1. Open up the Paragraph Styles panel
  2. Click on the menu flyout in the upper right corner
  3. Choose “Edit All Export Tagging…”

Screenshot 2014-06-17 12.48.33

This pops up a window with a listing of all your styles. Now you can edit each setting all at once. No more jumping around to multiple windows. This is a great feature for EPUB creators who maybe didn’t create the original InDesign file (or who were too busy to edit tags when making the print file).

Screenshot 2014-06-17 12.51.58


Editor’s note: Thanks to Aspen for pointing this feature out to a InDesign user with little experience exporting EPUBs from it (aka me).

3 Responses to “InDesign -> EPUB: Edit All Your Export Tags at Once”

  1. Aaron says:

    I’ve been using this feature for awhile, probably from about the time Adobe introduced it in CS5.5/6 and I now hardly even pay attention to “Export Tags” in the Paragraph or Character styles, it takes too darn long (plus I like to see all the class names I’ve used in relation to the other Paragraph and Character styles). Using the “Edit All Export Tags” is much easier and faster than going though each style individually, especially if you have a long list of Paragraph and Character styles, this menu is a time/life saver. Great InDesign ePub export feature of the we-ee-ee-eek (Wow, that’s hard to type that exactly how Anne Marie & David say it)!!!

  2. Gusgsm says:

    Wow! Thanks. I’ve never paid attention to this tiny detail


  3. I live in this window. Can’t imagine working without it.