InDesign CS5.5 to ePUB Workflow; Drop Caps That Look Great in ePUB

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There are a couple links to new posts this week I want to share with everyone. Both should help you create better ePUBs.

InDesign CS5.5 to ePUB Workflow

One is from Colleen Cunningham (@BookDesignGirl) at Adams Media. She shares an image of her “eBook Workflow: Templated Series” document for going from InDesign CS5.5 to ePUB workflow. If you are still struggling with all the steps you need to take when converting a book from InDesign CS5.5 to ePUB or you have not documented your process yet, it is worth taking a look and seeing if there are any steps you are missing.

If you are creating ePUBs on a regular basis, I encourage you to document your process. This will give you a checklist to work from to ensure that you don’t miss any steps. It will also give you a document to share with new hires or your replacement when you finally get that big promotion.

Drop Caps That Look Great in ePUB

Natasha Fondren (@eBookArtisans) shared “CSS Drop Caps for Both Reading Engines” after struggling to make her drop caps look just right and to have text align properly. If you have had trouble making drop caps work for you, take a look at this CSS. It should help you create the effect you want and have text wrap and align properly.

Do you have other steps in your ID to ePUB workflow? Do you have other tricks for making drop caps or raised caps work properly?

2 Responses to “InDesign CS5.5 to ePUB Workflow; Drop Caps That Look Great in ePUB”

  1. Matthew says:

    Susan Neuhaus (@neustudio) has also shared her InDesign to ePUB workflow here: (you may need to sign into a Google account to view).

  2. I’ve always had troubles creating ePUBs, thanks for the insight.