#eprdctn links for the Week of February 24th, 2014

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There’s a lot of great articles on the web that relate to eBook production, but sometimes its hard to keep track of them all.

ePubSecrets is going to try to change that by including a weekly round-up of great content from across the web.

Take screenshots on almost any Kindle Device
A must-have resource if you’re doing an QA testing on multiple kindle devices—especially Kindle e-inks

A few updates to the Kindle Publishing Guidelines
Some notable changes to the Kindle Publishing Guidelines are outlined and explained by R. Scot Johns (via @elmimmo_)

BISG Updates Their Device Support List
A great step toward better documentation of what eReaders and apps support the ePub3 spec.

RIP Sigil
Sigil officially announces it will stop being developed, with Calibre picking up where it left off.

eBook Production as Software Production
Brad Neuberg explains how we might make book production easier with software tools (a bit biased towards Inkling, but still valuable)

A brief history of page numbers
Your history (and future) lesson for this week!

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3 Responses to “#eprdctn links for the Week of February 24th, 2014”

  1. Greg Freed says:

    Please do more of these #eprdctn sum-ups. I am interested in but do not closely follow the Twitter channel.


  2. That BISG support list is a great start! I hope they add iBooks and Nook devices soon.

  3. Derrick Schultz says:

    Hmmm…I know they were on there at some point. iBooks had one of the higher scores. Very strange that its gone now!