ebookcraft and Tech Forum 2015

  • Sumo

I’ll be speaking at both ebookcraft and Tech Forum in Toronto this year.

My talk for ebookcraft is tentatively titled ‘Stone, bronze, iron, ink, silicon (or “I’m the laziest developer out there”).’ I’m going to discuss the general movement of software from one-off projects (writing all your code by hand) to systems like CMSes (which write most of your code for you) and why this really will be the future of ebook publishing.

And my talk for Tech Forum is on “A Tale of Two Cultures.” It will be more of a general talk about the divide between publishing culture and tech/developer culture and how both sides can work together (and who should win what when they can’t).

Even if you hate my topics :), there will be a wide range of great speakers at both conference dates, including our own Anne-Marie and frequent contributor Laura Brady. ebookcraft focuses specifically on the ebook market while Tech Forum is a bit more of a general publishing and technology conference. You can register for one or both events here.

Hope to see you at either event in March!

2 Responses to “ebookcraft and Tech Forum 2015”

  1. Obi-wan Kenobi says:

    Hi Derrick, I live in France and I can not be present at Toronto. For cons, I’ll follow the news with great interest! 😉

  2. abhishek says:

    the problem is anything we make through innovative thinking, iwill be quickly stolen by amazon, turning that into a free tool as a part of amazon ebook ecosystem, what is that strategy not prone from this danger?…. thinking