Books in Browsers 2014

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I’ll be speaking at Books in Browsers this year. Books in Browsers was one of the first book-focused conferences that really grabbed my attention, and I’m delighted to be speaking. This year is actually the first time the focus is truly on browsers and how we can make them better for books. I’m loosely meeting the requirements with my topic:

This talk isn’t about how to make better books for the web, it’s about how to use the web to make better books (for all book formats). It’s about tools and processes publishers can use today, and things we could make tomorrow with the current web infrastructure to improve the quality of digital books almost overnight.

While the EPUB spec has improved dramatically in a few short years, it still lags behind the knowledge and tools available to modern web developers. In this talk, parallels will be drawn between current modern web projects and how to use these ideas to alter how digital books are made. Tools and ideas like GitHub,, pattern libraries, Responsive Web Design, Create-Once-Publish-Everywhere CMSes, and testing/performance suites have obvious benefits to book publishers with only small tweaks. As a book designer turned web developer turned book designer/developer, I’ll show a few projects I’m involved in, and propose a few more that I hope others in the digital publishing community will adopt.

ePubSecrets frequent contributor Laura Brady will also be speaking, so its looking like a couple days of great talks.

Books in Browsers 2014 is in San Francisco on October 23rd and 24th. Tickets are available on the Books in Browsers website. I hope to see some of you there. If you can’t make it to San Francisco, the past few years have been live-streamed—I’ll add a note once I have more information about that.

I have a couple more talks coming up over the next few months. I’ll post them once I have more details.

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  1. Laura Brady says:

    There are also sessions by more of our #eprdctn friends:
    Tzviya Siegman on accessibility —
    Dave Cramer on CSS —

    It’s going to be cracking.

  2. And PePcon is a sponsor of BiB this year! Our first sponsorship. ;-D David will be attending, look him up!

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