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The Accessibility Domino Run

EPUB is just one of many branches in a larger accessibility domino run. While this is where you may begin your efforts, it is not the only section that needs to be engineered.

InDesign Guide to Digital Publications – EPUB 3 and HTML5

publications. The past ten years have seen new habits, new devices, and new distribution channels influencing both. In this guide, I’ll give you tips and concepts to start a professionally-made digital publishing project.

Fundraising for EPUBCheck

This is a cross-post on behalf of the Publishing Working Group, a division of the W3C. We Need Your Support: Join The Effort to Update The Tool We Use to Validate EPUB Files Work to update epubcheck and make it…Continue Reading →

Call for Review: EPUB 3.2

This is a guest post form the chairs of the EPUB 3 Community Group, Dave Cramer and Rachel Comerford. We live in exciting times for the world of ebook standards, with the IDPF-W3C merger and web publications. Yet for most of…Continue Reading →