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Minor Update to Kindle Previewer

It looks like Amazon has made a minor update to the Kindle Previewer, bumping its version from 2.92 to 2.921. Update is available by auto-updating the app or downloading it here. Seen anything different in the new version? Let us…Continue Reading →

InDesign forums now have a dedicated ePub forum

Great news for ePub creators who use InDesign to create their ePub files. At Anne-Marie’s and other Adobe InDesign forum member’s request, forum admin Bob Levine has just set up an InDesign subforum dedicated to ePub discussions! Visit the InDesign –…Continue Reading →

99 Problems

99 ePub rendering problems on the  wall take one down, pass it around 98 ePub rendering problems on the wall Easily the most frustrating part of designing and developing ePub projects, the various rendering issues on each and every device…Continue Reading →