Animations in children’s fixed-layout books

  • Sumo

Today’s #eprdctn hour featured Diane Burns, Kris Vetter, and Laura Brady talking about two approaches to creating animation. Diane explained using InDesign CC, while Kris focused on CSS3 animations. Both had great insight and information.

Be sure to scroll to the end to find links to Kris’s materials (her tweets didn’t all come through to the Storify edition due to a firewall issue).

And check out Diane’s course on creating and exporting animations from Indesign CC.

Next week’s #eprdctn hour (Aug 5 at 11 AM) will continue a focus on animation with Justin Putney. Look for an article from Justin here on tomorrow.

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  1. get4epub says:

    i’m using adobe to make a book cover. thanks for your article