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  1. Mateo says:

    Muchas gracias Felipe. Molto obligado.

  2. Nice and thorough. Some of these points, taken individually, would make a great stand-alone post.

    For #13, the sidebars on the left (“box with text to contour” I think means “text frame with text wrap applied”) … to make that happen, you need to select the sidebar frame and choose Custom Layout: Float Left from Object > Object Export Options dialog box. This dialog box has many other useful features for EPUB … perhaps in a Part 2?)

  3. I’m really impressed you can write such an excellent post in a second language! (how do you say “text wrap” in Spanish … or is it Portuguese)

  4. Joanna says:

    Hi there,

    Excellent tips! I could not find many decent articles about EPUB works in InDesign.

    I have followed most of the points! However, my book shows blank on iBooks or any iOS device. It opens, but pages and book cover are blank. Works perfectly on any other reader. Any idea why?

    Thanks again for great tips!

  5. Felipe says:

    Hi, Joanna

    Really, its a strange.
    Try export in ePUB 3 and validate it in http://validator.idpf.org/.

    Please, if doesnt work yet, let thu link here, then I can see it better


  6. Derek Winckles says:

    First bit of excellent advance I have found on the web. No much information regarding epub3.
    Has it fallen by the wayside!


  7. sara says:

    Hello, any advice for someone whose indesign crashes everytime I export to epub (reflowable)? I’m at a loss…

    • Hi,

      First, you can try to know if the problem is with file or with InDesign. Try export a new document to ePUB, if crash the InDesign, the problem probably is it indd. Then, try update it; reset the preferences or reinstall the indd

      If the problem is with file, save it as idml and open it again. Try export the file.

      Hope to help with some ways to solve


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