4 Responses to “Ebook Power Boost: GreenLight for Ebook Devs”

  1. Quote: “… I think it’s a first-rate tool for developers who must start from InDesign.

    Given how slowly Adobe is improving InDesign, it should provide all ID users with a free copy of this software. At least we’d be getting something for all our money. The only hitch is the Mac-only aspect, but that could be addressed.

  2. @MyDK says:

    Great article, Laura!
    – And congrats with your new Lynda course on EPUB Accessibility.
    I am currently on Windows, but I must find a way to a Mac so that I can try out these amazing tools! Thanks you, Laura and Ken, for your huge contribution to the EPUB Community. I will tell everybody to go check it all out 🙂

  3. Ken Jones says:

    GreenLight’s Eprdctn tools panel will always be completely free to use.

    Get a free download and watch the full Lynda / LinkedIn Learning video on GreenLight Eprdctn tools at https://www.circularsoftware.com/apps/greenlight/

  4. Kent Mize says:

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