Receiving and making client changes

  • Sumo

Keith Snyder (@noteon), author of recent epubsecrets post The Portuguese Case, hosted today’s #eprdctn hour.

If you’re an ebook developer, check out this Storify summary of the session (assembled by @BookDesignGirl; thanks, Colleen Cunningham). There are lots of good ideas for tracking and billing for client-requested changes, along with discussions of how to bill for them.

If you are planning to hire an ebook developer, read it to see how some pros like to work with their clients.

And, there’s a video! Here’s the session:

Don’t forget, #eprdctn hour is every Wednesday at 11AM (EDT). Next week, September 2: Laura Brady (@LauraB7) and Damian Gibbs (@damiangct) will talk about Design for ebooks – time to rethink “book” concepts? What about UI and UX?  This is going to be fascinating.

Sign up here to lead or suggest other topics for this valuable weekly event.

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