EPUB Secrets #Eprdctn Links for August 17 2017

Tablet with an item circled by a stylus. Text reads "EPUB Secrets Weekly Roundup"
  • Sumo

Welcome to the latest installment of the EPUB Secrets link post, where we curate the top stories related to digital publishing.

  1. I Bought a Book About the Internet From 1994 and None of the Links Worked (Motherboard)
  2. Augmented reality books need to become more than a gimmick (The Bookseller)
  3. Ten search engines for researchers that go beyond Google (JISC)
  4. Why Note-Taking by Hand Is Better for Your Brain (Intellectual Takeout)
  5. Typography in virtual reality: the new frontier (The Drum)
  6. Kindle AR or Kindle VR? Amazon Kindle team is Hiring an AR/VR Software Engineer (The Digital Reader)
  7. Encyclopedia CD-ROM History: How They Killed Books (tedium.co)
  8. Shadow DOM: fast and encapsulated styles (Monica Dinculescu)
  9. HyperCard On The Archive (Celebrating 30 Years of HyperCard) (Internet Archive Blogs)

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