EPUB Secrets #Eprdctn Links for 27 July 2017

Tablet with an item circled by a stylus. Text reads "EPUB Secrets Weekly Roundup"
  • Sumo

Welcome to the latest installment of the EPUB Secrets link post, where we curate the top stories related to digital publishing.

  1. So you want to decentralize your website  ()
  2. A Collection of Interesting Facts about CSS Grid Layout (CSS-Tricks)
  3. Google is working on a new lossy image format for the web called ‘Pik’ (9to5Google)
  4. Flash & The Future of Interactive Content (Adobe)
  5. How to be evil (but please don’t!) – the modals & overlays edition (CSS-Tricks)
  6. Online reading in … China (Forbes)
  7. Library of Congress Will Have More Options for Blind Readers (LOC blog)

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