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EPUBSecrets is part of the Creative Publishing Network family of sites and services for creative professionals. Produced by CPN co-founders David Blatner and Anne-Marie Concepción, and hosted by Kevin Callahan, ePUBsecrets.com is the world’s best resource for all things EPUB.

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About the editor in chief: Kevin Callahan is the owner of BNGO Books, a New York City print and digital design and production studio. He has been creating publications using InDesign (following long relationships with PageMaker and QuarkXPress) since the early days of desktop. That experience with new and evolving technology—as big expectations meet real-world possibilities—gives him great perspective in creating reflowable, fixed-layout, and multitouch ebooks. He trains staffs at large publishing houses and small presses, as well as self-published authors, in print to digital workflow, emphasizing the value of early editorial, design, and production planning. Kevin is on the faculty of Pace University’s Masters in Publishing program, teaching desktop and digital publishing. He is part of the vibrant #eprdctn community, where knowledge and experience are generously shared. You can follow him @BNGObooks, and view his website at BNGObooks.com. Kevin has a course on Lynda.com: Creating Fixed-Layout eBooks for the Kindle.

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  3. Thomas Yee says:


    Thanks for the nice website. I’m not an ePub author myself, but are there any online forums where an ePub author can post an issue with sample markup, and other authors who may have experienced the same problems can offer their solutions?

    I recently purchased an ebook by Christopher Lascelles that has what we originally thought was a minor technical glitch. I wrote to him about it, but the problem is turning out to be more complicated than we originally thought.