It’s the weekend! Links!

#eprdctn hour: An open roundtable https://storify.com/LauraB7/eprdctn-roundtable There was no set topic this week, so almost anything and everything about ebooks was discussed.  Harry Potter: Another edition Pottermore has released new, iBooks-Author created versions of the series (available only on iBooks,…Continue Reading →

This weeks links

#eprdctn hour India Amos (@Indiamos), Senior Content Producer, ePubs, at Amplify Education, led this week’s discussion on documenting workflow. Read the Storify edition here: https://storify.com/LauraB7/eprdctn-documentation-habits EPUB hyphenation Following a spirited discussion on Twitter over how to hyphenate long names and…Continue Reading →

Weekend linkages

Here are valuable and interesting links. The first two, from Tina Henderson, is all about Working with a Typesetter. Tina is a gifted book designer and compositor, with a great deal of good advice and insight. Enjoy: http://tinahenderson.com/2015/09/14/working-with-a-book-typesetter-part-1/ http://tinahenderson.com/2015/09/15/working-with-a-book-typesetter-part-2/ And this,…Continue Reading →